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Pomegranate Extract

Extremely rich source of polyphenols

Polyphenols are generally prebiotic for good bacteria (Bifidobacterium, Akkermansia, Bacteroides, and Roseburia), and antibacterial for less favorable and pathogenic ones

Fruit/berry based polyphenols are particularly favorable toward Bacteroides, the Firmicutes:Bacteroides ratio, and Akkermansia

Akkermansia is increased 10 to 30-fold by various fruit polyphenols and by 33 to 47-fold with Pomegranate Extract

Reduces weight gain, fat storage, visceral and subcutaneous fat, as well as insulin resistance
Activates AMPK at 2 times the potency of metformin

Inhibits LPS and inflammation, enhancing tight junction protein integrity and intestinal barrier function

Lowers blood glucose output

Fermented Herbs
Fermentation of herbs results in much higher concentrations of active compounds compared to unfermented. This same fermentation is done in the body, but it is highly dependent upon the microbial make-up of the individual’s gut, so it can vary widely from person to person.

Fermented Kudzu

Polyphenol rich

Reduces body weight, body mass index, visceral and subcutaneous fat mass, and lipogenesis

Stimulates lipolysis, fatty acid oxidation, and thermogenesis

Potent anti-inflammatory, inhibits LPS and TLR-4, improving insulin sensitivity

Reduces intestinal permeability and improves intestinal barrier function

Fermented Ginseng

Decreases bodyweight, fat mass, adipocyte size, and food efficiency

Improves glucose uptake, as well as insulin and leptin sensitivity

All of these effects are superior with fermented vs. regular Ginseng

Decreases inflammatory cytokines and protects the intestinal barrier

Increases mucins (Akkermansia and Bacteroides food) by 50%

Strong prebiotic specificity toward Bifidobacterium and Bacteroides

Synergistic with prebiotics

Mulberry Extract

SupraBiotic™ contains an industry-best Mulberry Extract, standardized to over 5% 1-Deoxynojirimycin (1-DNJ) and containing relevant amounts of d-Fagomine, as well. Like all berries, it also has high polyphenol content, the benefits of which we have already talked about.


Significantly lowers body weight, blood glucose, and serum insulin levels

Increases the insulin and leptin sensitizing peptide adiponectin (which activates AMPK)

Reduces visceral adipose tissue, adipose tissue mass, triglycerides, and lipid accumulation

Remarkably potent, elevating adiponectin, GLUT4, and AMPK with 1000 times the potency of metformin

Increased fatty acid oxidation, while improving mitochondrial function and lipid metabolism

Reduces glucose and insulin output


Reduces weight gain, plasma triglycerides, and glucose

Attenuates fat gain on obesity promoting diet

Enhances leptin and insulin sensitivity

Lowers post-meal glucose levels


Synergistic with probiotics, increasing microbial diversity

Enhances prebiotic fermentation activity by gut bacteria

Results in better probiotic bacterial growth as well as output of SCFAs

Queen’s Bee Acid (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid)

25 times as potent at AMPK as metformin

Increases GLUT4, glucose uptake, and insulin sensitivity

Inhibits LPS induced cytokine production

Enhances intestinal barrier function and tight junction assembly via AMPK

Improves LPS induced blood-brain-barrier disruption much as it does with the intestinal barrier

Improves central insulin and leptin signaling, keeping your body fat thermostat functioning properly

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

Increase satiety via PPAR-alpha, reducing food intake and body weight

Decreases intestinal transit rate, prolonging its own activity on satiety

Increases endocannabinoid and PPAR-alpha levels, keeping LPS inflammation and obesity promoting activity in check

Selective inhibits insulin and leptin desensitizer TLR-4

Protects against Western style and high-fat diet induced disruptions of endocannabinoid control of gut-brain axis regulation of food intake and fat storage

Cannabinoid normalization increased Akkermansia by 4-fold, and improved the Firmicutes:Bacteroides ratio by 6-fold

Particularly useful with high-fat diets, including low carb

Ginger Extract (20% Gingerols)

Potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Inhibits LPS induced inflammation

Activates PPAR-alpha, as well as AMPK, with 5 times the potency of metformin

Increases tight junction proteins and protects barrier integrity against inflammatory assault

Suppress colitis via anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity

Enhances the survival and proliferation of intestinal epithelial cells

Reduces spasms of smooth muscle in the digestive tract

Increases uptake of Calcium (100+%) and Glutamic acid (60%), both of which protect intestinal barrier function

As you can see, SupraBiotic™ takes the concept of probiotic far beyond where anyone has previously taken it before. It starts with bacterial species carefully and purposefully selected to protect against dysfunction of the gut and microbiota to promote better health, better appetite control, better metabolism, and better fat loss. On top of this, SupraBiotic™ addresses and supports novel probiotic bacterial species that you cannot attain, anywhere, and does so in a way that no other product is even close to doing. Finally, its supporting ingredients crush inflammation and repair your leaky gut, leaving your body functioning in the optimal way it is intended to.

SupraBiotic™ is a one of a kind product that fits perfectly with and enhances any diet and exercise program, any supplement regimen, any lifestyle.

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